B kind club program

Start a B kind Club at your school! 

  • At your school, find out the requirements for starting a club.
  • Ask a faculty member to be your advisor.  If it works better at your school, you can have co-advisors.
  • Create an Executive Committee of your peers which consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Organizer, Social Media/Public Relations.
  • Complete all required forms - 
    • The "B kind Club Application" should be filled out by all who want to start a club.
    • The "Member Agreement" must be filled out and signed by all who want to be members of your club.
    • The "Executive Committee Agreement" form must also be filled out and signed by all members of the Executive Committee.


 club expectations - WHAT YOU DO & WHAT YOU GET!

  1. Each club is expected to carry out the mission of the foundation.  This is done through meetings, social media, events and activities, community project s and service and foundation events.  The clubs will structure year around the "Four Elements of Kindness".  The four elements coincide with the four quarters of the year, beginning with the school year calendar in August.
    • Element One: KINDNESS TO SCHOOL - this takes place in the first quarter (September, October, November).
    • Element Two: KINDNESS TO COMMUNITY - this takes place in the second quarter (December, January, Feburary).
    • Element Three: KINDNESS TO FAMILY - this takes place in the third quarter (March, April, May).
    • Element Four: KINDNESS TO SELF - this takes place in the foruth quarter (June, July, August).
  2. FUNDRAISING - Raise funds for your club and for the B kind Scholarship Award.  The foundation will provide you with with products to sell @ events (school and community).  You can also come up with fundraising events for your school and within your community.
  3. PRODUCTS - When your club is registered you will receive B kind products to get started promoting your club.  When the products are worn and/or displayed they server as a great advertisement. The products start conversations in which club members can spread awareness for their club and the foundation.  Products can also be purchased at the B kind Store.
  4. SCHOLARSHIP AWARD - In 2015 the B kind Foundation established a scholarship program recognizing an outstanding student (graduate) who exemplifies leadership in kindness throughout their school community.  Each year, students from participating clubs receive a stipend of funds to be used to further their education.  Nominations for the awards are received from each club, and the winners will be chosen by the B kind Foundation.  Recipients, who are able to afford school, can choose to "pay forward" the award by donating the monies to an approved, education based charity of their choice or return it to the foundation for next years' award recipients.
    • This humanitarian award, from an organization focused on kindness, is the first of it's kind.
  5. You will be engaged in a network of peer throughout the United States who share your enthusiasm for spreading kindness and creating a culture of kindness within their school community.


Getting your club started

         Once your club is registered, Executive Committee is formed and all paperwork is complete, it's time to ...

  1. RECRUIT YOUR MEMBERSHIP - Get your school community to come on board and begin to help you spread the word.
  2. GETTING THE WORD OUT - Brainstorm ideas regarding how to introduce your club to your school and community.
    • Have a CLUB BOOTH at your school's club fair.  Set up an eye-catching display, B kind can supply you with banners and brochures.  You can also get B kind products to sell.
    • HAND OUT B kind pencils and wristbands to promote the club and create a buzz.
    • Create and hang POSTERS around school advertising club.  Posters may have topics such as ...
      • The benefits of membership
      • The mission of the club / foundation
      • Suggestions of acts of kindness
      • Health benefits of being kind
      • Kindness with words not just actions (explains the difference i.e. choose your words carefully to be kind).
    • B kind T-SHIRTS worn by executive committee members during first week of school to visually advertise the club.
    • Kick off the new school year and B kind club with a simple BAKE SALE OR BAKE GOODS GIVE-AWAY. Have each committee member bake / buy simple cupcakes, cookies etc and give them away with B kind brochures or notes during the fist week of school ... spreading kindness and creating a buzz.
    • For a healthier option, you could hold a FRUIT / WATER STAND. Handing out apples, oranges/clementines, bananas etc. with B kind merchandise i.e.: pencils, wristbands, brochures, note cards.
    • Place advertisements or an article in your SCHOOL'S NEWSPAPER promoting the new club and how people can join.
    • Hold an INFORMATION SESSION, to provide potential members with information about the club and answer any queries without people feeling obligated to join (informal meeting). 
    • Purchase a set of B kind T-SHIRTS for a school sports team to wear for a pre-game or practice session.
  3. ESTABLISHING YOUR "KINDNESS" CALENDAR - Brainstorm ideas for events/activities to be held for each school quarter, highlighting the elements/theme for the quarter.  Once you've chosen your events/activities create a calendar (list of dates) that can be distributed to your school community.  Click on the "FOUR CORE ELEMENTS" above to see examples of possible events / activities for each quarter.


Current participating schools and organizations

St. Luke's School, New Canaan, CT.

Sacred Heart School, Bronx, NY.

Norwalk Grassroots Tennis, Norwalk, CT. 

The Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, CT.

Sewickley Academy, Sewickley, PA.  

St. Luke's Middle School, New Canaan, CT

Berkshire School, Sheffield, MA

Brien McMahon High School, Norwalk, CT