B kind club curriculum 

Your B kind CHALLENGE is to "spread the message of KINDNESS

Have a monthly planning meeting to decide what your activities will be.Your club could: either Make a commitment to do monthly “small acts of kindness” and/or Plan a larger annual and once a semester event

Yearly Challenges Ideas: 

  • Bake sells (morning hot chocolate) 
  • B kind Mentor program: link up upper class with middle class through a mentor program to raise a new kind generation!
  • Organize a clothing drive for a local shelter 
  • Raise money to support your favorite charity by selling B kind merchandise (B kind supports Reach Prep and Blossom Hill which are great options for you) 
  • Donate your talent program (each member can decide to do something that they enjoy and create one day where all members can donate their talents)

Monthly Challenges Ideas: 

  • Say hello to a new person every day.
  • Clean your friend's locker 
  • Compliment a teacher on the good work they have done. 
  • Donate one old toy every day
  • E-mail or write an old teacher who made a difference in your life
  • Let someone go in front of you at the line for lunch. 
  • Give someone a book they like every week. 
  • Give someone different a hug every day. 
  • Put sticky notes with positive compliments on someone’s locker every 
  • day. 
  • Introduce yourself to someone new in your community every day.
  • Create Pay-It-Forward B kind cards and see how far they go!
  • Give someone a ride every week. 
  • Be someone’s cheerleader (find out what school events are happening 
  • this month and create a cheer crowd for them) 
  • Help someone younger with their homework every day. 
  • Bring Coffee to a different teacher every day. 
  • Pick up litter in your school. 
  • Send a hug made from paper to someone you love. 
  • Give someone a hug coupon. 
  • Leave a happy note or kindness stone for someone to find. 
  • Candy cane bomb a parking lot (once a month)