World Kindness Day is an international celebration that occurs annually on the 13th of November. 

The World Kindness Movement, a coalition of nations kindness NGO’s, first launched World Kindness Day in 1998. World Kindness Movement is an organization formed at the 1997 Tokyo conference of like-minded kindness organizations from around the world. There are currently over 29 nations (Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Italy and India etc.) involved in The World Kindness Movement, which is not affiliated with any religion or political movement. The mission of the World Kindness Movement and World Kindness Day is to create a kinder world by inspiring individuals and nations towards greater kindness.

World Kindness Day serves to highlight good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness, which binds us. Kindness is a fundamental part of the human condition which bridges the divides of race, religion, politics, gender and zip codes. Participants attempt to make the world a better place by celebrating and promoting acts of kindness, either as individuals or organizations.

The B kind Foundation is petitioning our government to get the United States to be a recognized participant of World Kindness Day.

The foundation needs to obtain 100,000 signatures on the petition within 30 days. We are looking for your support. Help us spread the word by telling all your friends and have them tell their friends. Sign the petition and let’s get this country to recognize this important day.


The petition will be active between

September 15th and October 14th, 2018


B kind is all about encouraging acts of kindness in our everyday lives. We believe that even the smallest acts of kindness are worth recognizing, worth celebrating, and worth building a community around.  Being kind can change someone's life. It can also change the world.