World Kindness Day in the United States - we can make this possible!

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World Kindness Day is internationally observed on the 13th of November each year. It was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement that consists of like minded kindness organizations. Currently, 29 nations are involved in the movement. The United States is currently NOT a recognized participant. The B kind Foundation is ABOUT TO CHANGE THAT.

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World Kindness day focuses on good deeds and highlights in the community. It encourages and spreads acts of kindness everywhere. We want the United States to officially become part of the movement. YOU CAN HELP MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

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The B kind Foundation is petitioning the government to have the United States become a recognized participant of World Kindness Day each year on November 13th. WE NEED 100,000 SIGNATURES IN 30 DAYS. The petition will be live from September 15th through October 14th. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

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Please sign the petition when it goes live on September 15th. Sign it and pass it on through social media. We need this petition circulated as much as we can so we can obtain as many signatures as we can. We can do this and make this change happen if we do it together. Click on the button below to sign the petition.

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