The Four Elements of Kindness at B kind

With the new school year around the corner, we also start another year with our B kind school clubs. Each club is expected to carry out the mission of the foundation and is structured around the Four Elements of Kindness which begin at the start of each quarter of the year. 

1. Kindness to School: Club members are encouraged to do something good for their school. This includes not only to the school itself but also to their peers, teachers, and faculty members. One of our clubs at Sacred Heart School in Highbridge made kindness cards with positive messages that they gave out to friends, teachers, and faculty. 

B Kind Club SHS 5.22.18 (4).jpeg

2. Kindness to Community: By giving back to the community, any act great or small, makes a huge impact. There are so many ways this element of kindness can be displayed. Volunteering at the local food pantry or donating food and/or clothing to shelters are just some examples. Our high school club at Brien McMahon in Norwalk, CT volunteered to clean up their local beach. They helped other volunteers pick up trash along the shore. The girls did an amazing job!

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.06.26 PM-1.png

3. Kindness to Family: Family is the most important unit in one's life. What better way to say I love you to a loved one than doing an act of kindness for them. Every mother's day, my husband would get up early while I was still asleep and make surprise me with breakfast and coffee. This tradition has been passed on to our children now that they are old enough. It is may be a small and simple thing but a gesture that is so sweet and something I cherish year after year. There are so many ways to express kindness to a family member- cooking a favorite dinner dish, taking over someone's chore, surprising them with an unexpected treat - a win win for all involved. 

Mother's Day breakfast last year made by my kids.

Mother's Day breakfast last year made by my kids.

4. Kindness to Self: the fourth and final element. This, in my opinion, is the most important element of all. How can one truly spread kindness if kindness does not exist within? It is the same as saying, "For someone to love others, they must first love themselves". Steve Maraboli, a life speaker once said that "the most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship to yourself". I read this article in the past and it has a lot of really good suggestions on ways to be kind to yourself. One that stood out for me was practicing forgiveness. Without forgiveness, one cannot truly move forward in life or be free.

If you or someone you know is interested in starting a B kind club in your school, please fill out this form so we can reach out to you with more information. The B kind Foundation recognizes a B kind club member each year for his or her services to the community and presents them with an award to help further their education. This humanitarian award, from an organization focused on kindness, is the first of its kind.