The Kindness Series - Part 3 (Why Start a B Kind Club?)

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This is our intern Bailey O'Mara's last article for The Kindness Series. We have been so fortunate to have Bailey work with us the last month. He has proven that internship isn't all about working off your hours. It's about being passionate WHILE working off those hours. Bailey's previous articles, Part 1 and 2, made clear how important being kind has been in his life. Part 3 is his grand finale - showing how the children in our school system can implement kindness in ways that benefit not just the community or their school, but through themselves that they can continue on in life. 

Kindness is the root of a healthy community, allowing for growth, productivity, and a natural sense of fulfillment after tiresome work. The application of kindness extends far beyond random interactions, because kindness is part of the foundation of happiness, motivation, and success. Almost everyone has experienced a sense of community, in the work environment of an office, the team atmosphere of sports, a sense of school spirit in High School, or even as simple as being part of a family. In each of these situations kindness has a massive role, specifically in maintaining cooperation, constructive dialogue, and healthy relationships. The importance of kindness cannot be understated and we must recognize the necessity to foster it and continue to act kindly.

An effective way to grow kindness is through random acts, consistent good deeds, and organized programs. Dedicating your time to tutoring, volunteering, raising money for non-profits, and organizing supply drives, has a tangible effect on the community. In previous articles I explained my own personal experience with tutoring and the neurological effects of kindness. Now I want to present an opportunity for others to have a positive effect on their community and spread kindness.

B kind is a non-profit foundation dedicated to “encouraging acts of kindness in our everyday lives. We believe that even the smallest acts of kindness are worth recognizing, worth celebrating, and worth building a community around. Being kind can change someone's life. It can also change the world”. As a part of their mission, B kind organizes and facilitates the establishment of B kind clubs in schools all over the Northeast, with the goal of creating a positive change in the school environment and the surrounding community.

Starting a club is a great way to volunteer your time and efforts to a worthwhile cause, providing an opportunity to have a tangible impact on your community. I have worked with students from my own school to start a club next year, and so far the school community has welcomed the possibility of a new kindness club, with support from teachers, staff, my peers, and the group of students establishing the club. The process is made simple as B kind uses the same method of creating a club as most schools…

After creating a club, the members have the opportunity to use the B kind foundation resources, products to fundraise, and connections to other nonprofits, to volunteer and fulfill the four elements of kindness. Each element corresponds to a school quarter: school, community, family, and self. Furthermore, each year the B kind scholarship program recognizes an outstanding student (graduate) who exemplifies leadership in kindness throughout their school community and bestows a scholarship to further their education.

Kindness is the foundation of positivity, happiness, and a healthy atmosphere in every environment. Starting a club is great way to work towards creating a school, community, and a world full of kindness.

For more information on the B kind foundation or how to start a club, please visit B Kind Today or contact us here.

- Bailey (B Kind intern)