The Kindness Rocks Project at Sacred Heart School

The Sacred Heart School B Kind Club located in the Bronx, NY has been off to a great start!

Advisor Matthew Gaboury has done a tremendous job with his 10 club members (grades ranging from 2nd grade to 6th grade). They started off their first club meeting for the school year getting to know each other and writing Kindness Cards where they wrote down positive messages and distributed throughout the school. The lucky recipients were fellow students, teachers, or school staff members!

Their second club meeting was a special one. They were doing The Kindness Rocks Project! This wonderful and inspiring project involves finding and painting large rocks, writing positive phrases and words on them, and leaving them throughout the school and community for people to find. The kids were thrilled to make them and they spent the rest of the meeting painting their rocks and thinking of what to put on them.

By the time their third meeting came around, Matt surprised them with their painted (and dried) rocks plus extra rocks that he painted himself. Each child was able to have three rocks to write on and give out to the community! 

Hats off to Matt and the B Kind Club of Sacred Heart School for learning, giving, and spreading kindness. Keep inspiring us with all your good work. We can't wait to see what your club has in store for the next school year.

"One Message at just the right moment can change someone's day, outlook, life" - The Kindness Rocks Project mission statement

If you are interested in starting a B Kind Club at your school, please contact us and we will be happy to help you get started!

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